Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who wants to go Phishing?

     The trust we have in the internet is actually extremely scary if you think about. Everything we post on our Facebook, what personal information we enter into our PayPal accounts when buying from Ebay, to simply paying our bills online. How secure and safe are we really when we put all of this personal information out there into the world wide web?
     Around ten years ago, the term phishing was created to describe the process that thieves use to trick people into giving up their financial information and passwords. To think people are that manipulative and tricky is sad. I know I've received e-mails from "Bank of America" claiming that there was unusual activity on my account and that I needed to click on a link provided and enter my statement information to confirm that it was really me. Of course it had been all over the news that this phishing scam was occurring nationwide so I knew better, but still. Older people who may not be a savvy with the internet and connected to what's going on wouldn't know any better, and end up entering their information and just like that the so called "phishers" just got exactly what they wanted!
addition to these phishers, there’s hackers as well. It’s because of them that the amount of identity theft cases have soared through the roof! People enter their information online, whether on a legit site or not, and hackers are so technologically savvy that they just go right in and get all the information you just entered carelessly to buy those perfect shoes that you wanted so much!
      What it all comes to is just being smart and safe when it comes to personal information. You never know who can get to it, no matter what precautions you may take.

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  1. I agree! Luckily our generation is savvy enough to spot things like this.